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Used spare parts for cars TATA

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Tata auto parts

Tata (Telco) Motors Ltd. is India's largest automaker, with origins dating back to 1945 and headquarters located in Mumbai.

The company specializes in the production of passenger cars and vehicles for commercial transport, specialized and military vehicles. Production factories are located in India, RSA, Thailand, Argentina, and Great Britain.

In addition, the company has several research and development centers. Tata also owns a number of automotive companies such as: the British Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC, a South Korean company that produces commercial vehicles and called Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company, and finally the Brazilian automaker called Marcopolo S. A for the production of buses.

Spare Tata cars

The first vehicles produced by this company were trucks with a load capacity of 5 and 7 tons. These vehicles were designed in collaboration with Daimler-Benz AG and were marketed in 1954.

The cooperation between the two companies lasted until 1969. In 1991 the company marketed its first passenger car: the Sierra 3-door off-road vehicle. Its variants were equipped with a turbocharged diesel engine and all-wheel drive.

In 1998, a vehicle called the Indica was produced for which Tata (Telco) auto parts were used.

It was a 5-door sedan: versions intended for export were equipped with electric windows and an air conditioner, while versions intended for the Indian market did not have these options.

Within 10 years, the company produced a car model called the Nano, or the cheapest car in the world.

The peculiarities of the brand are represented by:

- Sporty exteriors. A brilliant feature of these cars is the tapered bodywork with eye-catching sculpted decorations.

- Rational organization of the interior. The manufacturer has created many storage compartments. Everything you need is within easy reach without taking up any more space.

- Fuel efficiency. It is achieved by using powertrains produced in cooperation with Honeywell International Inc. and Robert Bosch GmbH. These engines have the characteristic of consuming less fuel. In addition, maintenance expenses are low, thanks to the use of inexpensive but high-quality Tata (Telco) automobile parts.

- Equipment for a high level of safety. These include, for example, ABS, EBD, Ultrasonic Reverse Guide systems, Isofix fixings.

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